Week 2 Inquiry

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Throughout this inquiry practice, I found that there are two major biases in my observations. One is color matching and the other is structure.

Wandering through the new school, the first thing I noticed that stood out particularly was how white most the spaces are. It’s obvious that white is the absolute majority color. Thus I have a set of pictures that depict how different kinds of whites match with each other, and another set of photos that show how red, another major color in the new school, matches with white.

Except the color matching, structures also caught my eyes. I found the “three-ways” composition and clockwise winding staircases very fascinating. Moreover, the fact that how long and narrow many stairways are is also interesting.

Like what it was said in McCarter’s book, “The only appropriate way to evaluate architecture is through our experience of it”. I do feel like knowing more than ever about the space I am in every day after experiencing it by myself.

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