Assignment 9 “Simple designs to save lives”

1. Purpose of the video:

The purpose of the video was to recognize the misplaced priorities we have in this world and actually acknowledge how easy it can be to design a simple solution for those in true basic need. Furthermore the TED talk gravitated around the surprisingly large scale of success these simple methods if implemented correctly can truly change communities. Certain valuable details mentioned as well were proper use of waste materials and how they can be used in a positive feedback loop to require even less resources.

2. What I learned:

I learned that sustainability is a lot less complex than it seems and that our research and investments in developed countries are misplaced and misused if they could instead be implemented as Amy Smith describes it.

3. What questions do I have:

Where are we investing incorrectly if we can’t put out efforts in this ?

How can we collectively as students or simply citizens from another country, contribute to the bigger picture of the solutions presented by Amy smith ?

How can we attract business owners and wealthy bodies to invest in such research instead ?

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