Bridge 1 Space of Power

The objective of this project bridge one was the create a physical embodiment of power based on our perception and research of the topic. In the making of this piece myself and three other students worked on different aspect of the subject in order to appropriately present a complete picture of the topic. Our details for the concept involved material, colour, medium and texture research relevant to the subject in order to make the piece as communicative and self-explanatory as possible.

Working with the theme of power is very much like trying to incorporate what is abstract into reality. Power is a symbol of individualism, which refers to the exclusion of many in order to satisfy a small percent. To showcase that factor along our space we used black foam board as the first supporting layer symbolizing how prioritizing and isolating the lucky few leaves the majority in the shadows and in the darkness. To identify the poor majority we inserted different colored broken pieces shards of glass into the black foam board around the main structure. The very structure of the space we named power is triangle based, relative to the very exclusive individuals in our communities that stand on top of the economy and dictate politics. To emphasize how power takes such shape we used the basic model of a pyramid, so we made four sets of stairs leading to a platform at the top on which we situated a throne. In order to emphasize the exclusiveness of the throne which isolates the most powerful character, we used patterns of marble on all the stairs as well as gold, all materials that are expensive and hard to obtain for the vast majority of the population.  The stairs finally lead onto the most comfortable fluffy carpet portraying the comfort of the privileged as well as the throne that gives meaning to this place. Building the top of the constructed environment we decided to finalize the experience with a throne brought to life by the presence of triangular chair made of a gold structure supporting a red seat.


My responsibility in the project was to make use of my 3D and model making skills to make a sketch of my vision and eventually bring the project to physical reality.Initially I made the sketch design that would embody the shared conceptions of power my peers and myself had with regards to it. Secondly, I shared my design with my peers to get feedback on their perspectives and even hear about what they could possibly add so I could anticipate their interaction with my scope of the project. Thirdly,  I had to make a list of the materials I would need to achieve the shape I had in mind and eventually come up with the mediums that could bring the model to life. I essentially built the base with black foam board and constructed the whole pyramidal shape of the project. Furthermore, with my skills I was also responsible for communicating with my peers about how their skills could properly fit on the 3D structure I had made.  The issue that I ran through while trying to make the physical platform for this whole project was to identify where the rest of the work and my peer’s makings would fit on it. To make this concern less of an issue I made use of several dimensional and spatial measurements in order to come up with even spaces on each side of the pyramidal shaped model and allow isometric designs from my peers to be added to my foundation of the model. With regards to the compatibility of my aspect of the work, I believe it was essential to make a three dimensional shape that would be efficient in allowing group work over it.


Throughout this project our main challenge was to all make final decision about each step of the process and from my perspective I don’t think we ever found a solution for it, we just eventually ended up pursuing what could decently be accepted by all of us. I also learned that time management and communication by a large factor remain the most if not the only values that truly count for the success of a group project. Additionally I learned that I work better multiple communicative platforms because it allows me to easily reach my peers and quickly get constructive feedback on my end of the project.

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