Assignment 8 – Self Portrait Trash collection

Self Portrait


To make this self-portrait out of trash, I had knew I wanted to make a face so in that order I selected the items I am most likely to use daily and those are represented on my portrait. The majority of the trash I had I noticed were circular shapes or cups so I used those to make the full shape of the face and the features that embodied the human’s facial traits. The experience of collecting my trash over several was actually quite eye-opening because I started caring about the outcome of the materials that fuelled my consumption. It made me more aware of better alternatives thoughtful when I purchased certain objects. After observing my garbage I noticed a certain pattern for the food that I consume, I unconsciously make it so much harder to clean up because I don’t sort and trash the eggshells for example. All these items however, over time had a circular shape, I kept noticing that the majority of my garbage was circular-shaped and that is how I came up with such pattern of design on my self portrait.


Build up of trash over time:

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