Assignment 24 – TED talks Reflection


1. What was surprising to you ?

What was surprising to me is how many people are still lacking proper representation with the design making boards of several companies. Furthermore I was shocked at the many ways in which someone can be affected by poor design and how frequent such unfortunate features of someone’s life happen in a day. More surprisingly this issue has been seen by many but perhaps because only a very small demographic of people may have such difficulties, design producing facilities still choose to ignore that minority. That minority however, is and remains the demographic that is much less likely to end up in one of those design changing platforms that are actually capable of change towards such issue, and therefore they seek and need even more attention. Design makers seem to remain repetitive and ignorant of such issues and maybe it’s because the learning curve in that field is limited to what benefits the majority and sadly many are left behind.

2. How might it help or inspire your Bridge 4 project ?

This is helpful because I learned that design is a social process that should implement the input of people from many various backgrounds in order to address everyone’s different lives. These videos changed my perspective on the impact of design and has inspired me to invest more time into what remains inclusive as opposed to what is only impressive. I can now tell that form shouldn’t create limits for function, a functionality that concerns everyone.

3. Provide 3-4 examples of needed design intervention based on Sinead Burke and John Cary’s talks

1: A short person seeking to get coffee at relatively high counter for their height.

2: A women is giving birth in a room surrounded by stressful loud clocks.

3: A tall person has to uncomfortably go to a restaurant’s washroom from which the door remains below average height.

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