As I was walking down the street …

As I was walking down the street I noticed that it was a bright sunny day in Manhattan. As requested I took a route that I wasn’t used to and it made me change my perspective on how I pursue my destination. I discovered new environments that i wasn’t exposed to before and it made me wonder I never wondered in those place before. More importantly I started realizing how green the trees were and if global warming had an impact on the cycle of vegetation that could be noticed so directly. It made even think about how long we had until we couldn’t notice such beautiful things anymore. It made me scared because I don’t if the our generation will care enough to give the next one a chance at life, and if we don’t succeed how will we live with ourselves knowing we saw it coming. Maybe this is humanity, and although life is a balance between bads and goods all things meet an end and I hope this isn’t the one we chose because of selfishness. It is not only those who have the resources to make a change that can be blamed, it is on all of us and I hope we’ll fight this issues otherwise as one.


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