Space/ Materiality: Haptic Sculpture Final Documentation

Yuri Kawada

As my final haptic sculpture project, we were informed to apply the textural designs we created to create a more complex and detailed sculpture. Hence, this gave me a chance to experiment further on my textural designs with the strings, brads, and corrugated cardboards. As an artist, I had the chance to have the control over the textural designs. I wanted to design each piece of the cardboard with a different pattern or material. Each piece had a different unique pattern which plays a strong role in the sculpture. The theme of this class is community. Thus, I decided to create a disorientated figure of a swan.

The purpose of the strings was to turn the negative space into a positive space, which dramatically changed the perspective of the sculpture. Not only the strings, but the brads also serve a mechanical and aesthetic motive to the sculpture.

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