Space/ Materiality: Wearable Sculpture In-Process

Thumbnail Sketches

The sketches below are the five ideas I had in mind for the wearable sculpture project. I wanted to incorporate spikes to my sculpture to symbolize ‘personal space’. Every person has their own invisible personal space. Thus, I wanted the idea of personal space to be seen physically to the audience. I will be adding brads as well as fish scale patterns to my sculpture to give protection but also an aesthetically pleasing armor.

My sculpture in-process was put together firmly with brads and strings to prevent the pieces from pivoting around. I cut out round fish scales and connected each piece with a brad and the brads turned out to be a mechanical and design element to the sculpture. As for my final piece, I plan to add textural designs to my sculpture to create a stylistic feeling. As I put my sculpture on to the model stand, the fish scales were pulling the shoulder pads down due to the weight, which appeared to be unbalanced on the model. Hence, I think I will also change how the sculpture will be worn on the model.


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