Sustainable Systems: Who’s Story is this Anyways?

Sustainable Systems: Who’s Story is this Anyways?

I remember the day when it was a cloudy day at the beach during the mid-summertime season. The humidity and the breeze helped me maintain my body temperature. Walking on the beach at the shore, I was only surrounded by the rare shrubs and sunlight. The pleasant sound of the waves crashing into the shore. Neither the ocean or the shimmering light blue color didn’t look clear to my eyes. It was dull as if the rain was about to come. Awaiting for the sun to shine like a typical beach day ended up being a cold, rainy day. Boom! The thunder started to come in – my nightmare. Drenched from the heavy rain, it turned out I had a fever.

Using facetime, I reached out to my mom as a reference of the weather in Seoul, Korea (where she grew up in). Out of the four seasons, her favorite season was summer. In her younger years, she recalls the clear, blue skies that were revitalizing to breathe in. She would sometimes eat the honey from the Azalea flowers as a little girl.  However, she mentioned the polluted air (‘yellow dust’) has shown in recent years and how rare the sun is visible to the people in Korea.

From these two different experiences, I can conclude that the increasing amount of fossil fuels we utilize to transport from place to place, to cook food, and stay warm, it has affected the average temperature of our earth as well as polluting the sky (ozone layer) leading to an unpredictable temperature of the weather.

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