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Girl Innovators: Week 10


1. What are your thoughts on the evolution of depictions of Supernatural Powers in young women?

The heroines we see in today’s media are definitely more relatable than the superhero movies from the 90’s. I remember growing up watching shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, That’s So Raven, Teen Titans and Wizards of Waverly Place that featured strong powerful girls that embraced their powers but in a more relatable way than most superhero movies. They were simply normal girls with supernatural abilities not power driven crazy crime fighting heros. These shows existed in a reality similar to my own, they went to school, they had mortal friends, they had chores to do and they were simply navigating growing up. They were “different” compared to other kids their age but their differences are what made them powerful and they embraced it. As a child I was always drawn to shows and movies with a strong female lead and simply wanted to be them.

2. How is magical power related to adolescence?

Wonderment and imagination is something that is often lost as children grow up. As we enter adulthood and face the challenges of the real world, we begin to censor ourselves, filter our dreams, and lose our excitement for the future. Children are blessed with the ability to see the world through fresh eyes and that innocence allows them to dream and fantasize about a world that transcends our reality.

In many supernatural shows and movies however, growing up is often linked with uncovering their powers and abilities. As they become adults, they step into their power and embrace womanhood with excitement, strength, and independence.

3. What impact does the depiction of magic and the sense of agency it represents have on real girls and young women?

For me, it’s all about embracing your power and what makes you unique. These stories are not about fitting in or conforming to the mediocrity of the so-called “real world”. These heroines showed young boys and girls that power is something that should be celebrated and finding your power can be complex but in the end very rewarding. These shows allowed all of us to dream and definitely are nostalgic when I rewatch them today.

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