Service Design: an approach to address the people’s lacking awareness of saving electricity


Our group found out the problem of excessive electricity consumption through the research process. We read several documents on the internet about the consumption of a city and even a house in the country and conducted interviews with friends and suitemates on their habits of using electricity and how long and how often using electronic devices.

After we collected all the information from the primary resource and secondary resource, the project topic is to get more awareness of saving electricity in a way monitoring how much people in a house used as the unit. And since then, we proposed as many design plans as we can to expand inspiration and later we asked ourselves how might we design an electricity tracking app that is easy to use consistently and gives little steps to save electricity?


In the brainstorm step, we were trying to figure out how the app was going to be laid out and how we were going to make it interesting and friendly to use. The app needed to: 1. make a game with rewards 2. simplify electricity bill 3. make a personal profile with a survey to fill out. 

We provided our proposal to others and asked for some valuable feedback for the further design step. This is called the co-design session. Several design approaches had been used: card sorting, drawing and sketching, and interview.

In the co-design session, we wanted to give a chance to the public allowing them to design the app based on their preferences and habits. We collected them and categorized into 7 considered aspects: color, target users, adhesiveness of users, the difficulty of use, security & privacy, style, and help.

There is a video rendering of the app. For more details and usage please check it!

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