Bridge Project 3: My Artist and Inspiration

As one of the few successful female sculptors in China, Xiang Jing sculpts from a feminine perspective revealing the female experience. She continues to explore the permanent part of humanity and life itself in modern society. She seeks to find a sense of the returning of humanity’s initial truth within her sculptures: the inherent truth about human bodies, their sensibility toward pain, and the relationship between people in the community. Her art creations are mostly influenced by Chinese culture and her insight as a woman. Therefore, she often uses emotional nude body sculptures to express her art intention. This has inspired me with the concept of “skin and desire” using white, nude, and red for my design.

Xiang’s dressing style is indeed not elegant,avant-garde,or unique among artists and the ordinary. Loose shirts and pants in low-pitched colors with a minimalistic design are the clothes she wears for work, also the garments she wears for interviews. Another interesting fact about Xiang Jin is, the photos of her have never shown her figure wearing any kind of jewelry, but sheer and soft scarfs. Appearance does not seem to bother her; clothing to her is just like a layer of fabric without much definition of who she is.

Examples of the artist’s works”

“Dress Up” 


“Anger in Motion”

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