Inner City

It’s tough in the Big Apple, worse if you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Inner City is a HTML text-adventure game that puts the player in the life of Jacqueline Francis or Mary Court, two friends who have separate professional and emotional struggles in New York City.

The player must help Jackie or Mary survive the week by balancing out their emotional, mental, and physical health, making the appropriate choices best suited to their lifestyles.

Fail to do so, and watch your character’s “Inner City,” melt.


I’m a native New Yorker and have always felt that it’s a very crowded city, but not necessarily one that’s the best for balancing a healthy lifestyle. You have to work hard anywhere to maintain yourself, but I feel especially in the high-paced environment the city provides, it is particularly difficult. This game I made to express my feelings on this difficult balance, and also remind myself and others that there is a way to get to what you need. Some options are simple and short like going on a vacation, which is a good ending because it balances you out, but doesn’t fix the underlying problem. Some are clearly bad, like working overtime, eating out constantly, and having no social life. I have lived all of these choices, and I think it’s a good game if you answer honestly what you would do in each situation as opposed to what you think you should do, but don’t. It’s a fun game, but it’s also a thermometer of the Player’s Inner City.

Is your Inner City on the verge of a Meltdown?

Game Mechanics:

-Text-Adventure style with Mouse-click Selection
-Player Selection: Jackie or Mary
-Emotional, Mental, Physical Health is determined by the baseline presented at the beginning of the adventure.

Each decision will alert the Player a general sense of the states of each as opposed to a specific number or bar that depletes. This makes the game less predictable, because the Player cannot balance out based on stats, rather their intuition, which is more natural and realistic.


-Bad: A full mental breakdown complete with screaming
-Good: A temporary stay to a long-term problem
-Great: A long-term solution that results in happier life

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