Bridge 1: Creative Brief


My client uses a hand mirror every morning but it’s a heavy mirror and it cramps her hand. She also prefers a hand mirror then a table mirror so she can look really closely at her face. So, what my design will solve is her having to hold it. Also holding the mirror might slow my client’s makeup application, as she needs both her hands to put her makeup on, but putting the mirror down and using both hands to open the makeup product and then picking up the mirror and applying, then putting the mirror down again and closing the makeup product. Doing that might take a couple of extra seconds, but doing it with every product she uses, especially if she’s using a lot then it might take a couple of extra minutes.

my client Alda stated in one of our interviews that she likes using the hand mirror because she can get a closer look at her face, and so she can cover up her “flaws” and look good. Then further during the interview she showed a psychological relation to her preference in using a hand mirror; covering flaws makes her look good so she feels good. Boosting her confidence knowing that she had perfectly applied her makeup. Using a mirror where she can look at clearly make my client happy.

The product I’m designing will be custom made for the hand mirror that my client has, Hand Mirror and Jewelry Stand. The product will hold her mirror in the center top, alongside two handles for her necklaces. Then on the bottom part there’ll be a couple of small handles that would her rings. The whole simple structure will be made out of a durable wire that could hold the weight of heavy mirror with a portable structure.

There’s really no participation expected from other people about this product, because it’s custom made for my client. Although there is a product in the market that is similar to this, it’s a light plastic hand mirror stand, but it’s not sold individually, it is sold with the hand mirrors too. That could be a disadvantage to my client, because she still wants to use her hand mirror not get another one; Instead of saving and efficiently using what she already has, she buys another product that will take money and more space?

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