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Learning Post #3

Themes that emerged in my dress practice log included location, gender, and social class. I really did not notice anything ‘new’ about my dressing, because everyday I choose my outfits based on these themes. I always think about what other people will think if my clothes are a bit ‘too much,’ during the day time, and during the night, I would never care as much. I do come to restraints because of these factors, which is why I find gender and location a major theme within my daily practice log of dressing. However, I did start to understand more about the relationship of clothing and body, because I started to see who, what, where, and why I was dressing the way I was. Whether it’d be meeting my friends visiting from California, to meeting my parents for a quick dinner, or even going out for a fun and crazy night out with my friends. I understood that my body needed to be more comfortable in some events more than others, while other times I thought style and fashion mattered more than comfort. However, I came to understanding that clothing is not just simply something as simple as style, but there is a reason why we dress the way we do, which is to differentiate ourselves from others.

“Whom do I wish to please, and in so doing whom am I likely to offend What are the consequences of
appearing a this kind of person as again that kind? Does the image I think convey reflect true my true
innermost self or some specious version thereof? Do I wish to conceal or reveal?…and so forth” (Davis
1922, 24 quoted in Kaiser 2012, 43)

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