Time– Tableau Vivant & Book Project

For this Tableau Vivant Project, we chose pictures that were taken from a party. We organized the photos from the warm-up of the party, events during the party and the aftermaths of the party. This series shows a pass of time, and how people change during a passage of time. I arrange them in a horizontal order and added yellow tone to the pictures to make it more like film pictures.


For this book project, I want to show the audience the self that the outside perceives and the real inner self of me. For the collages, I used my pictures from past to present with the additional background pictures to show the change of myself: how I see the world and how the world sees me. And the little flower on each page represents the process of me from a bud to a blossoming flower. I really enjoyed the project because it allows me to learn more about presenting myself through collages.

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