Int. Studio & Seminar BP3 Integrated People & Places

“Happy Hour” Park

For our park, we decided to build a park in Flushing, a place that has a lot of great Chinese food but somehow cliche and unorganized buildings. For our park, we want to incorporate an interesting swing, a shopping mall, a plant house and a misleading entrance. For the swing, we want to incorporate into an interesting statue. For the mall, we want to have many different brands and varies styles of clothing; and for the plant, we are thinking that we should incorporate many different types of plants. Last but not least, we want to build an entrance that does not look like an entrance.

In our park, first, we want to put a lot of trash cans that have different categories. Trash cans can seem really tedious, but the lack of trash cans can actually lead to many environmental problems such as contamination and waste of resources. Secondly, we want to plant as many plants as possible to make our park a greenhouse. Third, we should use solar panel board for most of our heat and electricity. Fourth, we can also put bikes for transport so that people can save as much energy as possible.

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