Int. Studio & Seminar 1: Bridge Project 4 – Integrated People & Places 2



Sketches, Notes & Pictures

Coco Chanel:
  1. Point of view angle— blank then opens eyes— looking at the ceiling.
  2. Film the legs— walking
  3. Get on car
  4. Legs– walking on the street( different street scene)
  5. — holding flower
  6. Sit-down
  7. Taking notes— type-writer
  8. Clock— calendar
  9. Coffee
 Ending— Walking on the street—crush into each other— black
Black and white— colorful and dots
Yayoi Kusama:
  1. Get on metro— holding sketchbook
  2. Legs— walking on the street (different street scene).
  3. — holding sketchbook
  4. Sit-down
  5. Taking notes— different handwriting
  6. Clock—calendar
  7. Tea

Group Selfie:

For this project, we focus on the daily life of Yayoi Kusama and Coco Chanel. Although they lived in different time periods, we want to discover their similarities as artists and the significance of their everyday life. We use a lot of parallel scenes where the two artists’ actions are next to each other to give the audience a stronger impression. In this project, I was the notetaker that wrote down the scenes we want to shoot, I helped with coming up with ideas for shooting, and I acted as Coco Chanel in the film. I also edited the film with Irin, adding filters and polishing the video.


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