Int. Seminar Revision Story For The Research Paper

I came up with my research topic based on my interest. I chose to do the SAT and testing system in NYC because I, myself, have been through several tests such as the SSAT and the SAT. Through the process of learning and taking the exams, I wonder if everyone shares the equal opportunities for studying for the test. Then I started to do research and through the process of research, I found it hard to narrow down to only the New York City, but I did found many sources related to the controversies of the advantage and disadvantage of the SAT. I was surprised to see that this topic has actually been hot for a while yet many people still do not know. Within my research, I found many problems that exist in the current SAT system: some students cannot afford for tutors, some students live in an environment where puts them at disadvantage when comes to studying, and most public schools do not provide enough knowledge in order for the students to get good score on the SAT. Also, the SAT only exam the students in certain regions and miss many other merits that the students might have. By looking at students using a limited and constrained perspective, the examination might be biased and incomplete.

I found many problems but never thought about the solutions towards these problems. My partner reminded me and mention the problem. While I am finding out all the problems, I should think about the solutions towards the flaws in the system too. Also in order to do my research, I might be making assumptions that the SAT is flawed and unfair so that I exaggerated the flaws and ignores the merit. I think for my further research, I should look at the SAT through the students’ perspective, colleges’ perspective, scholars’ perspective, and parents’ perspective so that I can get a complete and complex picture of the SAT testing system.

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