Drawing and Imaging Assignment 3 Ethnological Objects

When given the task to select and item at the museum I was unsure what to choose but after walking around I came across this very beautiful Japanese knife that I thought was very well crafted. This shocked me after finding others at the museum because they were all so carefully crafted and the details on each of them were so special and well thought through. These weren’t just designed to be weapons but were also designed to be art pieces and beautiful. I thought this could be an interesting contrast with a-lot of the knives that are produced today that are created to simply be harmful and destructive. Doing all of the drawings in just pencil I wanted to highlight the detail in each of these knives rather than color to help show the beauty in the older knives and how simple the newer knives are. I think you can clearly see the difference in forms between these two ages of knives and I felt that the black and white would allow these details to be better brought to life.


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