Space and Materiality Project 5

Final Space and Materiality Project : Air Guards , Extend the Body

Rough Concept Drawings to Figure out what form as well as what materials to use in the project.

Motion Studies to Show the movement when kicking the leg forward to show the power and force moved through the leg.

Final Concept for Project 5.


Initial Material Testing and Selection

IMG_0991-2ba150kIMG_0997-1fzsoi9 IMG_0999-2fu8adz IMG_0998-2ewivhx

Links to Slow Motion Videos of Testing of each Material

Material Testing of Ping Pong Ball

Final Construction of Air Guards, Inside of the Shin Pad and the pattern created.


Final Photos and Documentation of Product

Final Presentation of Final Project

Sebastian Ceolin Air Guards-2jvsdez

Final Poster



Final Power Point Presentation

Air Guards-2m4t85t






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