Drawing and Imaging Assignment 4 Value Judgement and Psychology

When given the task to pick a location and show how it has changed over time I came across a photo of the flat iron building in 1915 when the current store in front of it used to be a military recruiting office. In the image there was also a extremely large flag placed directly behind it. This really caused me to be intrigued by it as well as made me think about the political meaning this image was reflecting. I wanted to reflect how patriotism in America has changed over time and what people think is showing pride for the country has become blurred and confused. In the photo on the left I wanted to reflect how war was an awful time and show that I didn’t like the way society was functioning however the pride of the flag and being American was important. Contrasting the painting on the right where the time we live in is great and I love the way society is functioning today however people in society are confused by what is meant to have pride for their country and how to show this pride. Through both of these paintings I have hidden words, symbols and images to help reflect these view that I have tried to portray. I have also used color schemes to try and reflect these views with lighter colors on the right and darker on the left while still keeping them in the same configuration and elements.


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