Honeymoon: Bridge 4

During Bridge 4 we were instructed to come up with an idea for our own show in a group. We were instructed to create an individual piece as well as collaborative work.

My Idea For the Show:

Title of the show: New York Neighborhood

Theme of the show: For my idea, I thought it would be interesting to do a show about the good and bad of New York. While walking around this show in the background there would be a soundscape of the sounds of New York playing in the background such as cars honking, sirens, people talking, people walking, etc. As you walk around the show there would be different little pop-ups of different neighborhoods such as the ones explored in our Bridge 3 Project. Each pop-up would take the viewer through a journey of that neighborhood from different famous places in each neighborhood to the history and to small details such as famous foods. As you walk through the show and through the different neighborhoods of New York you would explore the past history, the present, and the overall vibe of each neighborhood.

A site/venue: I think a good venue for this would be a pop-up in Soho because I believe that it is a very iconic part of New York.


The Idea That We Used:


Our When two people begin a relationship, one enters a liminal space, also known as the “honeymoon phase”. This often causes people to see their new partner as perfect and flawless beings. We fall in love with a idealized version of a human, only to later realize their flaws. This exhibition contrasts the idealized love versus reality.

For my piece I created a 5 picture series of a flower. The reason I chose to take photos of flowers was because flowers represent something very pure and I feel as though the beginning of a relationship is very pure and innocent because one might not know the other person as well as they think they do. I named this piece “Rebirth” because I wanted it to represent the phases of a relationship and the cycle of relationships in general. The first photo starts off as a flower at full bloom representing the start of a relationship where everything seems to be perfect, but as the photos go on, the flower begins to decay and this represents the stages of a relationship where the flaws of each person start to come out and the relationship slowly starts to decay. The time lapse represents the idea that relationships come and go and that its an ongoing cycle that repeats itself.

I began this project by going to a little flower shop and picking out a flower that I liked. I then propped the flower up against the wall. I started to take pictures of the flower for the next few days until the flower started to die. I then brought all of the pictures into photoshop and used the direct selection tool to select just the flower. Then I created a new file with a light pink background and inserted the flower into that. I then repeated the same process with all 5 pictures.


Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Phase 4:

Phase 5:


The collaborative work that I created was the pamphlet. I had the role as the graphic designer. For the theme of my pamphlet, I wanted to keep it pretty minimalistic with colors such as pink, green, and white. Creating this pamphlet was really fun and I liked exploring with all the fonts and colors and ideas with pictures and small details. This also challenged myself to work with editing apps such as photoshop and illustrator.

First Draft of Pamphlet:


Final Pamphlet:

Our final presentation/show was time based so we decided to have all of the art pieces projected onto the blank walls. Each piece was brightly lit up and was easily seen. The beginning of the show started with the “Honeymoon short film” and while this was playing, each of the art pieces showed up on each of the projectors and once the video was over all of the screens turned black again. After the video was over, we projected our art pieces and began to describe them.

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