Bridge 2 Project

For my bridge project designed for Jocelyn, I decided to make a tote bag that she could easily bring to her new school with her everyday. I included a swatch of what the material would be like inside as well as a swatch of the pattern I made for the inside. The inside material is a soft blanket like material which would make her feel comfortable and would give her a sense of home and comfort. The pattern is an ongoing pattern of her brother, Bernie, with her favorite color as the background (red). Every time she would look inside of her bag she would laugh and see funny pictures of her brother and it would remind her of him.

Bridge Project 1

Fake Item #1: Watch- Timing would have changed everything. If I was older than I would have never moved because my parents wouldn’t have wanted us to be older to learn the language.

Fake Item #2: Cigarette- If I was more familiar with the environment and the culture in France then I would have been more comfortable. Young kids in the sixth grade would smoke cigarettes and were already having sex and drinking, and I was not comfortable and used to this. Back home everyone was still playing sports outside and having sleepovers.

Real Item: Passport- This was the item that I remembered the most. I traveled all the way from Las Vegas to France. My passport was always present.

Memoir: In the sixth grade, my family and I packed up and moved to the South of France. Learning a language when you are younger is attainable, so they thought it was a good idea to move us when I was twelve. What I didn’t realize was that living somewhere is different than just visiting somewhere, which was all I was used to. I was shocked when my parents told me that I wasn’t going to an international school because I did not speak french. I was young with a lot of friends back home so I assumed it was going to be easy for me to make friends. I did not know the challenges I was going to be faced with like; being in a new environment, among a new language, and new friends. I cried to my mom about it but she reassured me that everything was going to be okay.

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