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Integrative Studio: Memory






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The collages and pieces I created for this class were all very interesting and different from what I usually do. I enjoyed going outside the box and drawing in weird ways like in the darkness of my room. Including senses aspect was also very interesting and new to me.

Project Bella

I wanted to do an animation since I didn’t feel anything special about the other sketches I did. Originally, I just wanted a Bella silhouette to stand with the wind gently blowing, but then I felt like I needed more, so I added the umbrella part since it was raining last week. Bella is usually silent and graceful, which are two characteristics I tried to focus in this animation. For me, the frame-by-frame animation part and drawing the frames so that they were spaced evenly time-wise were the challenging aspects of this project.

Sketchbook Project Reflection

The library of sketchbooks was very inspirational. I myself could never manage to maintain a single sketchbook; I would always draw on separate sheets of paper. Even if I did buy a sketchbook, I would use a couple sheets and get frustrated and forget about it. However, after looking at all these different sketchbooks, I realized could still continue to do my same routine and even to “collage” my sketches into a sketchbook. I plan on doing a very simple and minimalistic based sketchbook for my final project.



This rabbit fur can be used for many uses. It could be used in many forms of fashion such as coats, hats, scarves, shoes, purses. It can also be used as an extravagant rug or as a pillow case.


This lightweight, extremely foam is used in many forms, especially in mattresses and pillows. The material allows for an extremely flexible and constantly changing form. So, it anything heavy were placed on it, the foam would quickly adjust to fit the object.

Meaningful Meal Construction Assignment #2


My meaningful meal construction focused on the stylization of eating food. I wanted to make interchangeable, removable compartments in a larger compartment. I made two small squares that were the equivalent of their corresponding rectangular box and fitted them all into a single large box. This way, the foods would be separated and can be eaten in a different fashion.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) bum bum



I had never really used or even considered the vine charcoal before this, and I always thought that the smooth effect came from smudging the compressed charcoal. I would build upon incorporating the use of vine charcoal in future figure drawings. If time permits, I would like to draw faster and carve out more details with crisper lines and to make the body flow more.