10 Contemporary Drawings I admire

Pat Perry’s work is some of my favorite. All of these pieces are drawings some from his sketchbook. His work is very surreal but there is so much detail that they are practically real. I feel emotional about his artwork because they evoke feelings of dreams or nightmares. He fills the entire page in a lot of his works which is something I would like to do in my works as well.


Paul Noble’s work mostly focuses on the perspective. He makes surreal drawings of fantasy landscapes with accurate perspectives. I love the way he fills the entire page so magnificently.


Tom Phillips works a lot with pieces of writing and blocking out words and only lets show the words of his choosing to form new phrases. He uses collage and drawings over the writing. I have done this once before and admire the way he has worked so much with it and draw even more as he does rather than just black out words he turned the entire page into a new work.

This piece from Marc Bauer is interesting to me because of how he blacks out some areas of the page with the trees. It makes certain objects stand out but still doesn’t take away from the other objects or people.




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