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In 2013, the United States of America produced 254 million tons of waste. Trash has always been a mystery to me. I throw out so much garbage every day and once it leaves my hand and hopefully lands in the trash can I never think about it again. But where does it go? It doesn’t just disappear. It still exists somewhere and that somewhere is the landfills. A study in 2015 found that on average every person in the country throws out 5 pounds of trash per day. All of that trash is from the unnecessary over packaging of everything you purchase. Products packaging is mass produced every day for the sole purpose of being thrown out. It is basically a factory producing garbage to fill the landfills. American’s use 100.2 billion plastic bags each year. Every time you buy anything at a store, a sandwich, a pair of shoes, an iPhone or a rubix cube, you are given a plastic bag to carry it home. If those plastic bags did not exist, the landfills in the country would be so much smaller.

We produce so many things that have zero meaning that end up as garbage. If we focused on produced things that helped or changed people’s daily lives, rather than things that did nothing, we would throw away so much less waste as a country. Ribbon is something that people love to put on presents and packages for decoration. But do they actually add anything? No. Each year 38 million miles of ribbon are put into landfills in America. If little things like ribbon stopped being mass produced, the amount of waste we produced would dramatically decrease.



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