Sustainable System: Non Human Project

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Design for non human is a process of thinking out of the box. Having designed and used humanly oriented products, we enjoyed our convenience. But have we actually think of the animals and plants that share the same planet with us?

I chose dogs as my observing targets for this projects for the simplest reason, I love dogs. And they live with us. We always have such kinship to human’s best friends and some stores and companies have started making designs for dogs. Living with dogs for over 10 years, I know what they love and what they hate. But I have never see this world in their perspectives. Though this project, I spent my afternoon at Washington Square Park with my friend’s dog, Yogurt. And ran around the park for half an hour. I will show you what I have found.
*5 times speed up for Yogurt’s perspective in Washington Square Park

I made this video from the dog’s perspective that I took over 2000 pictures at Yogurts height while running with him at the park. Documenting what he passed and what he stopped for. We ran into at least 30 dogs within 1 hour in the park by not including those friends hanging in the dog park. Most of the dogs were leashed and so did Yogurt.
So what if the Washington Square Park is a dog park? Every dog comes in unleashed and have their fun? Based on puppy’s preference, water and snacks are needed. So I designed the hydrant system that can be inserted in the part to both decorate and provide what they need.

So I designed the hydrant system that can be inserted in the park to both decorate and provide supplies. (see file 2) The hydrant is connected to underground water pipes to provide clean and cool water source. Streams of running water keep going out of the hydrant for animals in the park to drink, and snacks part are set to give 1 cookie out every 5 minute. Stones pile around the hydrant to keep the ground clean without muds or dirt. And in summer, dogs can lie on the stone is they get too hot. Also, gaps between stone allow water to come back to the earth. A solar panel can be added on the top of the hydrant to collect sun energy which is used to the sensor of the hydrant. The sensor can be activated with any object within 2 meters around the hydrant. And in this case, where there is no dog or animals around the hydrant, it can also save water and save dog cookies as well. The set of functionality remains the same as it was set if there are lot of dogs around the hydrant to prevent the overeating habits of puppies.

We seldom think in a non human perspective. When we do, we feel the huge difference of objectives, we feel guilty of not bringing convenience to our buddy, our neighbor who also live on this planet, and we start to care more ever after we stay with them.

Final Conceptual Illustration

Final Conceptual Illustration

Also, fun fact about birds in WSQ Park, hope you will like it:


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