Vis Comm: In class Drawing

For 1-2 minute quick sketches, I used iPad and Apple pencil in Photoshop. Chose Acrylic Round Brush and Acrylic Paint for the lines.

For 5-10 minutes sketches, we had more time focusing on the details.

For this one above: I tried to capture all the details for the female model’s dressing. Bazinga!

205 thoughts on “Vis Comm: In class Drawing

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  11. Having a blast in Vis Comm: In-Class Drawing! 🎨✏️ Exploring our creative side with hands-on sketches and honing those drawing skills together. It’s amazing how each stroke brings our ideas to life. Cheers to the joy of artistry and the fantastic journey of expression! 🚀🌟 #VisCommDrawing #CreativityUnleashed

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