Choreograph research

My fieldwork will be based on confronting my parents. I will be sitting down with either each of them individually or together and confess everything that I have hidden for them for the past three years. I plan to almost make it seem like a presentation. I want to discuss each event and explain why I hid it. I have never been open with my parents and I have seen how different it makes the relationship to be more open. I have observed kids with honest relationships with their parents and it’s almost the complete opposite to mine. I think it will be interesting to see how my parents will handle my rebellious trips that they have no idea about. I plan to talk to my father first if I decide to speak to them separately. I would want to do it somewhere public like a cafe. I need to research a tranquil yet open area that I could take him too. I either expect my parents to be very angry and even more strict or for them to the begin to learn to understand the modern era and their daughter.

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