Field Work essay / Seminar

For this project, I was assigned to write a short journalistic ‘magazine style’ essay on my visit to a place or event of my choice that in new or unfamiliar to myself. This by far, the hardest assignment to brain storm for. I was really stuck and I could quiet figure out anything to write about. After hours of thinking about a topic, I realized that something that in really unfamiliar to me in my parents and our relationship. I was always sneaking around and lying to them because they are extremely strict. I decided I would confront them about everything. Be honest with them and how I felt and write about it. It really would be an event that is unfamiliar to me. The writing process for this assignment was tricky. Unfortunately, the outcome of the event wasn’t the one that I was hoping for. I would have been helpful if I would have organized my time better to improve my concept and writing style.
I enjoyed this assignment, it was a challenge but I learned a lot from it, even thought the turnout was a negative one. My goal was for the turnout to be positive and to include it in my essay but instead I wrote about the negative effects of strict parents.

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