Memoir Assignment / Seminar

For this project, I was assigned to submit a memoir essay of an experience that shaped who I am today. I instantly thought of an event that really did change my life, the kidnapping of my Uncle. This experience occurred when I was about four years old, so it was a little difficult to describe it, especially in writing, but Mark really helped me jot down the parts that were crucial for my memoir. I started with a draft which helped me improve my final draft immensely. I could have improved my process how ever. I wish I was able to structure the memoir better, because some memories were so distant I left the reader with questions. Maybe it would have been better if I would have planned my time more efficiently.

I really did enjoy this assignment, even thought it still is a delicate topic. I never imagined myself discussing this, and not at all writing it. I found it difficult at times but in the end I was proud of my work. My goal was to not scare the reader, I tried to keep the details of the event hidden which unfortunately effected the end result negatively, but now I learned how to do that without coming off so aggressive. One thing I feel insecure about is my writing, my sister has always been a better writer than me and I have always been rather jealous. I wish I could just learn to write better. I really would like to improve the structure of my essays. I was never very good at that. I would also care to improve on catching the reader, my language style is also very dull and I think by improving this I can be able to achieve my goal. If I were to re-work or continue this assignment, I would definitely consider adding more detail to the memoir, to give the reader more information.

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