Seminar: Reflection of Rules

Reflection of Rules

Our Studio class was assigned to create six or more images that resolve around a code of rules, this could include a set of references, techniques, color, and format.
I didn’t quite know where to start with this project. I found it challenging to start something that was based on a set of rules that only I could choose.

I was determined to do something that didn’t include a camera. I felt like I had used photography for all my past projects and I was really trying to escape the comfort zone I had set myself up. I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and use drawing as an alternative to photographing. This was really scary at first, considering that fact that I was never comfortable with drawing.

I had learned about blind contour and continuous line last semester in my drawing and imaging class and I part of the magic that comes with it, is that it is supposed to look a little weird. In other words, it is impossible to mess up. This led me to choose blind contour and continuous line as my rule. I decided to use my weakness as a strength.

I based my pieces on household items such as a lamp, candle, water bubbler, glass, mug, and book. When I was done with each piece, I would wait ten minutes, go back to it, and redraw it in the same angle with red ink, and repeat with blue ink. This technique gave each image a 3D effect which I found really interesting, especially since each image was always a little slanted after I re-did it with a different color ink.

I was happy with the work I had done this past week. I wasn’t ashamed or angry at my drawing like I usually am. I then understood why I had such a hard time drawing. I was way too in control. I always felt like there was only one right way to do things. This assignment helped me realize that not everything comes with instructions, which was ironically the point of this assignment. This project taught me to break out of my old habits and really see what I am drawing. Our brains are used to simplify the clutter into one order. This assignment made me jump straight into the chaos and love it.

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