Movie Trailer: Time

“Stained” is a phycological thriller. With the idea of sociopaths and split personalities in mind, we created a story about a young man who, by day, is a high up business man, and by night, a mysterious identity and life stealing maniac.







As a group, we all worked together pretty well. Alana was great at editing. Hannah and Joe worked well on photos. Joe did really well on the illustrations. We all worked together on filming and storyboard.

Our project was based on non-linear time. Our trailer was finalized by splicing events and placing them in non-chronological order, revealing different parts of the narrative to the audience and allowing the audience to question the subject of the trailer. I learned a great deal about allowing the audience to be left hanging. I benefited on the different rearrangement of scenes, that can alter the meaning of a sequence. If I were to redo this, I would try to have more footage to use in order to avoid the repetition of scenes.

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