Writing Prompt #10: Priya’s Shakti

Priya’s Shakti is an Indian comic book that directly confronts young adults with the sensitive issue of sexual violence while also engaging young people through its innovative matters of augmented reality technology.

Ram Devineni, co-creator of Priya Shakti, made two compelling statement at a recent Ted Talk, “The problem of gender violence is not a legal problem, but a cultural problem.” and “Culture changes faster than genes.”

Davineni was outraged when the horrible gang rape case occurred on a bus in India in 2012. A Delhi police officer approached Davineni at one of his protests. The officer told him that “no good girl walks home at night”, implying that the victim probably deserved or provoked the attack. It was at this moment that Ram Devineni acknowledged that the problem with sexual violence in India was not a legal issue; instead, it was a cultural problem. This statement stood out to me not only on account of its significant meaning but also on account that a male was acknowledging the problem which is caused by so many boys around the world. In society, girls are taught to remain silent against sexual assault on account that these victims are made to believe that they are the problem. I think that by Ram Devineni directly targeting the problem can result in more girls finding the strength and courage to speak out against their accusers.

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