some studies of the creative process…

some studies of the creative process…

An interactive survey/didactic intent to show the interconnectivity within the creative process, also revealing limitations within the creative process – because ideas change when it is presented within the context of the external world that judges it.

I coded the survey using a choose your own adventure type mode – and made it through javascript, html, and jQuery.  You begin with a question about what kind of tool do you like to use and then you are put into a difficult situation where the tool breaks, or where someone doesn’t understand your work, or where someone steals your work etc, and you’re asked how you would respond, and then at the end you provide feedback about your experience.

I  formatted this survey by asking students and faculty at Parsons Paris and at Parsons New York open ended questions about creativity and  then compiled the answers into a sort of matrix, so that the survey doesn’t reflect anyone’s specific creative process, because I do not think that that can be done.

But since making this, I’ve decided to re-format the structure to show that this process is not so linear but more of like a rhizome in that it is tree-like, highly interdependent on many things – and there isn’t necessarily any beginning or end.

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