Habitat, is, by definition, the natural environment of an organism, or the place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism. A habitat must be able to sustain the life of the organism living in it and encourage the growth of the same organism. A habitat should be where an organism is able to thrive and properly grow without inhibition from the very habitat the organism lives in.

I personally don’t believe that I have a single habitat where I can grow and thrive. I find that my habitat exists in what I create around myself. The relationships I make, the art I create, and the feelings that I experience are all part of my habitat because I do not have a single physical habitat where I survive and thrive. I don’t feel like there is a place in this world where my life is being sustained and my growth is encouraged, except for when I create that place for myself. I feel as if my habitat exists when I build it around myself.

About Me

There are flies in my room. A lot of them. You know the kind; the small, really fast ones, the kind that shows up on your fruit if you leave them outside the refrigerator, especially in the Summer. They’re in my bathroom and my bedroom, and I don’t know how they got here, but I’m not too bothered by it. They’re not constantly buzzing in my face or on my food or coffee, it’s just annoying because I think there’s a lot of them.

I almost feel like it’s a reflection of myself. I barely stay home and I go outside everyday, in fact, ever since the start of school, I’ve been home even less due to commuting. My room is a mess and I don’t find a home here. I feel like these flies have made themselves more at home than I have actually. I honestly don’t think it’s fair. These flies have wings, and no matter how much I want to fly, these flies are able to while I never can. But instead of flying outside to wherever they choose, they decide to live in my room instead.