Presentation Pictures:

Write a paragraph reflecting specifically what you learned, such as a new skill or technique, or a new way of thinking… What was that like? 

I learnt and experienced a lot of new techniques this semester, for instance, working and combining different material with golden leaf; learnt how to use lino print skills; doing much more researches than last semester; After the whole semester, the most important improvement to me was to learn how to do further researches.

Write about the challenges, the parts of the project that didn’t work, or that you will do differently next time.

The challenges were

1: I am the typical no patient person. I don’t have patient to do research at all.

2: During my final project making, I was trying to add more oriental elements to my final project, but it didn’t work.

3: I would definitely not throw any of my final pieces before the final critique, therefore, I could make multiple changes for my final presentation.

Specifically, how did you over come these challenges?  For example, was it time management? Or perhaps working with a new material, a failed print job?

1: I pushed myself to finish all my research assignments and get use to this way of studying.

2: I talked to my instructor and got some advises and find my new direction to continue.

3: I tried a heavy Lino carving process, it take a long time but I got the pattern exactly I expected.


In conclusion, write what was most satisfying for you during this final project. Was it the outcome or the process? Why?

I think the most satisfying part of my final project is after I carved all my lino pattern, for the first time I saw how my hand carved pattern looks like on paper. The pattern looks exactly what I expected, even better. I also enjoy the process of carving, because the texture of lino board is pretty great.