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Shadows of Cloth


Negative Space

Negative Space


Sketch from American Museum of Natural History


Sketch from the MET


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Gustolv Theory



Melancholic Photo



Phobia Project: Hadephobia

Phobia of Hell sketchesphobia of Hell


Its incredible how much we take advantage our ability to see. To see has been such a normal activity for me. Sometimes I have random moments where seeing amazes me. Being able to see and experience such beautiful things is wonderful. I can’t imagine not being able to see, being blind would be so frustrating for me. But I assume people like Virgil, don’t mind it all or don’t even find it to be a problem. Virgil seemed to have his own little happy world and lived his life without being able to see. I admire how he went about life without being able to see and didn’t really mind it.

Throughout the story I went from happy that Virgil got his sight back and then sad when he lost it. But from what I understood, I think Virgil was happier not being able to see. Getting his sight back was too much for him. It happened too fast and I don’t think Virgil was ready for it. When we were babies our sight was blurry but eventually as we grow up we got used to it. I think Virgil tried but couldn’t handle it. I felt like the wife also felt responsible for pursuing the surgery and later one regretted it cause it made her husband depressed. At the end, Virgil could not handle the new colorful world and lost his sight again.

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  1. lopiers
    Posted August 30, 2023 at 9:44 am | #

    Enjoying Super Mario will help me have many new ideas to create a beautiful graphic

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