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Seminar: Fake

Catfish Project

This project was a group collaboration and had to create a fictional character. We created Olive Martin Reed from San Jose, California that currently goes to The New School. She majors in photography and minors in literature. We gave the character depth by making her have a scar on her cheek due to a car crash that was caused by her intoxicated dad driving.

Installation of Olive




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Twitter Journal for Olive Martin Reed


O: Made an Instagram today! I really want to put up my photographs so everyone can see. I also want my friends back from home seeing how well I’m doing! I’m mostly going to put up photos of my surroundings, where I am or eating…. but not any selfies.

Angela: Today in studio we worked on Olive. We finished building the character and her basic information. We also made her an Instagram. We decided we weren’t really going to put any selfies because she has a scar and is really self conscience about it.


O: So today my roommate convinced me to get a twitter. At first, I didn’t want to get back into tweeting because it becomes an addiction. I used to have one before, but I deleted it after my accident. Tweeting just didn’t feel the same after that…. But anyways… I followed Kanye West and his tweets made me laugh, he’s a genius.

Angela: Today I started Olives twitter. I tweeted 4 tweets including retweets. I am trying to make Olive seem somewhat not really interested in twitter and just has it cause everyone has one. Following people on twitter, I think, is a bit more complicated than I thought. Who you follow on twitter says a lot about you in my opinion.


O: Today I went to my seminar class in the afternoon. I really enjoy seminar because we learn about different artists and I love hearing everyone’s opinion about them. Hearing different opinions can change your perspective.

Angela: Today in class we worked more on Olive. We completed her personal life and who her family members are. I also tweeted casual tweets to make Olive seem laid-back.


O: I’m starting to enjoy twitter more and more every time I tweet. Most of the time i’m just looking at other photography blogs. The photos they take are beautiful!

Angela: I tried to emphasize Olive’s NYC living by tweeting about her enjoying the city and walking around in it.


O: Today was so breezy so I decided to take a walk around and ended up at Washington Square Park. I brought my camera and took some pictures. I also sketched a bit and drew from some photos i had in my camera.

Angela: I tweeted one of our film locations to make it seem more believable. I also uploaded two photos of her activities.


Angela: Met up with Nico and Talia and worked on our film. We filmed a dorm scene but it got deleted off from out movie. We filmed her scar and lighting a cigarette. I also did some voice overs in the film.


O: I can’t help falling behind with homework. Theres just so much to do and so little time. I get overwhelmed sometimes.

Angela: Made Olive seem like she was behind in work just like every other parsons student.


O: I really miss California and its warm breezy weather. I also miss my mom and my brother a lot.

Angela: I tried to make Olive seem more homesick about cali and her family.


O: Twitter gets annoying after awhile. I always forget to login and tweet just like everybody else. I mostly just search around with hashtags. I’m also annoyed how I don’t have time to watch Netflix, so on my spare time I watch boardwalk empire.

Angela: What’s twitter without a Netflix comment? Olive has specific Netflix shows. For example, BoardWalk Empire.

Sample of Olive’s twitter:



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