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Thesis Reflection 2/6/19

So far I’ve made a lot of progress in efficiency in terms of increasing amperage/current but kind of at the cost of some of my concept’s values (:(

I think the most helpful way to use this space is to make a list of what needs to be done so I can begin to envision the limits of my explorations for this semester:


F E B R U A R Y : Final cell form + methods established, Materials ordered

  • Connecting Cells (beginning to make the final prototype form so that I can get a working idea of precise exhibition details and the artistic poem element)
  1. Prototype some circuits by testing soldering logistics with some dud glass
  2. Then with my cheap little cells to ensure connectivity/functionality is preserved
  3. Lastly with the big expensive cells as final connectivity/functionality prototype
  • Rapid Prototyping Methods
  1. Test the Spin Art as a low-tech drop spinner for TiO2
  • Purchase Necessary Set of Materials 


M A R C H : Final exhibition form developed, Reach out

  • Rapid Prototype Cells for Final Structure
  • Connect to Poetics
  • Create Poster for Upcoming Conferences 
  • Consult with Familiar Art+Tech+Science Community 
  1. Review the list of Contacts/People to invite to thesis, coordinate meetings for critiques/advice/questions on both project & poster


A P R I L : Final touches + details, turn focus to curriculum / more experimental options

  • Present Poster at SENCER conference
  • Create Website, Graphics, Short Animations on Basic Concepts 


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