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Archive for February, 2016

Body/ Tech Project

Body/ Tech Project

While watching Art21 on Ann Hamilton, she encounters a physicist who introduced me to the idea of THIN FILM INTERFERENCE.…

Pirate Servo

[embed]https://vimeo.com/156112870[/embed] https://gist.github.com/gatana/e13a3ebeeea0af285cf4#file-pirateservo-ino https://gist.github.com/gatana/e13a3ebeeea0af285cf4#file-pirateservo-ino

Enclosure, Codes, Videos.

[embed]https://vimeo.com/155857946[/embed] https://vimeo.com/155855584 https://vimeo.com/155855583 [embed]https://vimeo.com/155855585[/embed] Check out the lab repo for the three code files: https://github.com/gatana/lab
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