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[embed]https://vimeo.com/162867302[/embed] Function one shows a single pixel traveling up the LED strip. The Real Quick Runner goes quite a bit…
Body/ Tech Project

Body/ Tech Project

While watching Art21 on Ann Hamilton, she encounters a physicist who introduced me to the idea of THIN FILM INTERFERENCE.…
Fritzing Sketch

Fritzing Sketch

  In this fritzing sketch I have connected various inputs and outputs: input: button [digital] > jumper to pin 6,…

Music Visualizer

[video width="1280" height="800" mp4="http://portfolio.newschool.edu/remia021/files/2015/05/Visualizer_Jezebel-_1-23t6ko7.mp4"][/video] https://youtu.be/OK3qyJ6zkTo https://youtu.be/JC2B-3E9iPM
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