Auguste Rodin

We were assigned to visit the Metropolitian Museum of art and choose 2 of Auguste Rodin’s sculptures.

sculpture 1


This is the first sculpture I picked. It’s a mold of a sculpture actually. They’re a greek male and female kissing. The composition is very clear although it is not that detailed. I think Rodin was focusing on some of the details, not all of them, mainly the ones that shows a clear composition. The right undetailed proportions makes it even more interesting.


sculpture 2


This sculpture caught my attention so I decided to use it as my second choice of Rodin’s sculptures. I like how the upper part of the male model is detailed/undetailed. You can see the muscles on the upper part of the body, but the details are more soft, it’s like he’s trying to give it the greek kind of look, but he didn’t want to make harsh details. Moreover, the lower part is mostly the same where you can tell that it’s a greek sculpture that has the muscles and all the body parts shown, but in his own soft unique way. What’s interesting also is the detailed hair on both the mail and the femail.


Both pieces have the same uniqueness, of course, because Rodin used his own style in sculpting and creating molds. Since we tried sculpting in class I cantell that these sculpture weren’t easily done. Not puting all the details and chosing the ones that are most effective to put in the sculpture is hard, but he managed to do do it his way, and it turned out to be successful.

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