Imaging and drawing final project

Imaging and drawing final project

For our Imaging & Drawing final project we were assigned to draw a landscape using non-artistic material. I got to us office supplies for my final project. I chose the egyptian pyramids as a landscape for the project. It has an ironic meaning with the material since the office supplies shows sophistication and good knowledge and education, however, the egyptian culture is not that sophisticated and the ancient egyptians weren’t well educated and this stayed until the recent time.

I went to Staples and bought some office supplies to experiment on them at home. I bought Post-its, pencils, paper clips, erasers, charcoal erasers, and pens. I experimnted a lot; I chopped the pencils then cut the chopped pieces in half and thought it would look good as pyramid bricks.


I opened the black paper clips until they became one straight line and thought of making them as an outline for the pyramids. So I did and I started filling them in with the pencil chops.



Later when I was done with the pyramids I started working on the camel that is on the left side of the drawing, I decided to use the charcoal eraser, cut it on the shape of the camel, add some texture to it using the alpha-knife, then painted it with acrylic. There’s a woman riding the camel, I outlined it using a black paper clip and filled it in with black since she’s an ancient egyptian who’s wearing the burqa’a. For the camel seat I used post-its in different colors, and added a texture to it by cutting the sides so it looks kind of like fabric.


And finally, I sharpened pencils using the sharpener and took the leftovers to make the saand that is in the front. Chopped the pencil into tiny little pieces to do the sand that is in the background.



I used acrylic paint to make some shadows and hilights in the ground since I’m using chopped pencils and they all have the same color. I also used this board because it’s used a lot in offices.




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