Visibly Muslim

Visibly Muslim by Emma Tarlo talks about, which is a website created by a Muslim guy, Wahid Rahim , who’s main goal was to serve the Islamic community and give something back to it. He decided to do so by designing fashionable hijabs for Muslim women in London. He opened a shop in London after succeeding and gave 10% of the profit to charity. In my opinion, Wahid started a good business but he took it too far that he started designing baby clothes with religious words on them, as written on page 167, which I think is cheesy, and halal skin care products? All Muslims can use any skin products, but I think after his success in the shop, he wanted to standout as the guy who makes Islamic products. The other hijab designer they were talking about is Cindy van den Bremen, who was designing sportswear hijabs for athletic Islamic women, of course after seeing them participating in many different international sports. She designed hijabs that are convenient for women athletes, which is nice since she’s supporting them and maybe encourage non-athletic women to do sports.

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