Sonic Analysis of a Song

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.10.21 PM

The picture shows a sonic analysis of an instrumental music piece that is 2 minute and a half long. The time line is dived into big parts that represents 10 seconds each, and each big part is divided into smaller parts that are one second each. The line that starts from the start all the way to the end is the analysis of the piano that plays in the whole piece nonstop. The dots and the line drawn above it shows an analysis of different kind of drums that mostly starts playing from the 10th second. And finally the line that starts from almost the middle is the analysis of the violin. The lines of the violin goes up and down to represent a feeling or a sense of the sound. I decided also to fill the lines in gradient blue color to represent boldness in the musical piece, and the opposite as well.

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