Interview – Int. Seminar 2

Interviewing Steven Lin, freshman from Parsons




Do you think New York City (Manhattan) is a busy city?


Yes, New York City is a busy city. You can see that people are busy getting to their destinations, especially the subway.


What do you usually use to travel to places other than walking?


I normally use the subway but if it is somewhere like the airport I use Uber.


Have you been to subway systems outside of the U.S.?


Yes, I am from Taiwan and I’ve been on the Taipei subway.


What are your opinions of NYC subway?


The subway is really dirty and old. I do not like it at all but it gets me where I need to be.


What is a subway experience that you remember vividly?


Seeing 2 rats chasing each other in the tracks. Some people freaked out seeing that but I just filmed it for the lols.


New York City’s subway is under the MTA. What do you think the MTA can do better to improve upon the subway system or do you think it should stay the way it is?


I think the subway needs to have a cleaner environment and the subway needs to upgrade because it is nowhere like the Taiwanese subways. There can be gates for the platforms so people might not accidentally fall down. The safety is very bad here and the order of how people should be let off before people get in is not a thing here.



The interview is made in Steven’s dorm. Reviewing Steven’s interview, I can noticed the similarities of his opinions on the subway station and how I try to argue for a better subway system. In essence, Steven gave a brief overview of the argument and some of the issues that exist in the subway system. I picked Steven as the interview candidate because in personal relations to him, we ride the subway together a lot and that he would be a good candidate to talk about this subject matter. There is a bias here because he is also from Taiwan.

This interview will help my research because it provides a foreigner perspective to the subway system and how they think will improve the system overall. I believe this interview can be done with two other people (one not from Asia and one from New York). This will help immensely on the development of how people view the subway and what people think is the main problem with the subway system.


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