[Studio: Environment] Project 2 – Sleep Time and Quality Tracking

Sleep Time and Quality Tracking 

Back to high school, I stayed in a very strict boarding school where every student had to follow the strict daily schedule and study diligently. While most of the students couldn’t get enough sleep because of the heavy study load, I was called the God of Sleep, because no matter how stressed we were, I always had very good quality and enough time for sleep and having dreams. However, it seemed like I lost this ability for the first time from this semester. All the magical dreams are replaced by nightmares. Sometimes even when I sleep for enough time, I still feel exhausted the next morning. To solve this problem, I set a general sleeping schedule for myself and started to track my activities before sleep, which may interfere with my sleeping quality, and my feeling for the next morning after sleep. 

According to my academic schedule and personal habits, I set the standard sleeping schedule from 12:30am – 9:30am (9 hours). 


March 12-13 Thursday:

10:45pm – 8:50am

Before sleep (activities): Crying, doing homework, listening to music

After sleep (how I feel): Intern, I wanted to sleep a little late but had no choice

March 13-14 Friday:

12:28pm – 11:10am

Before sleep (activities): Watching movies, video chatting with parents, texting Yi, crying, lying on the bed doing nothing, listening to music

After sleep (how I feel): exhausted, woke up at 9:30 am but didn’t want to get up until 11:15am 

March 14-15 Saturday:

2:40am – 9:15am

Before: A big party with half of the people that I don’t know, drinking, crying, cleaning up the house, video chatting with parents 

After: I technically woke up when the sun was not up yet because my stomach wasn’t feeling well after the drinking. I constantly woke up about every half an hour and then finally decided to get out of bed at 9:15am. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel tired. I had a little headache but after a shower, I felt sober and came to D12 to work directly in the morning. 

March 15-16 Sunday:

I forgot to document. 

March 16-17 Monday:

12:30am – 10:15am

Before: I watched a documentary of 30 Seconds to Mars, video chatting with mom, reading online articles and news, playing my RasPI!

After: Woke up naturally at 9:15 then slept again until 10:15am. Feeling OK.

Before-Sleep Activity Types:




Listening to Music

Doing Nothing

Special Occasions(Party, etc)

Reading News/Articles 

Watching Movies

Playing Raspberry Pi

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