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Intro to Fashion Studies #2

Post an advertisement for a fashion brand and explain how gender is portrayed through the clothing, models, etc. Does the advertisement reinforce traditional gender norms, or does it subvert (go against) them? Include one quote from Fashion and Cultural Studies to support your answer.

The Fendi Fall 2018-2019 champaign portrays a womenswear line that speaks to the topic of gender in the fashion industry. The clothing itself is inspired from the traditional  aesthetic of menswear fashion. The details such in the collars and lapels derive from looks that have long been associated with the male gender and also masculinity. However, the clothing line becomes tailored to the female body, incorporating both femininity and masculinity. The styling also alludes to gender discussion as the woman stand in stronger and more dominate poses unlike what society labels ‘feminine’, yet their composure speaks to grace and ease. The brand advertises this collection as the visual personality of woman distorting gender ‘rules’ by dressing in masculine codes. I agree with the statement of a played concept of women in menswear,  and it does displace gender norms to a certain extent, but in a growing community of gender boundaries continuously expanding, this champaign projects femininity vs, masculinity, not so much the gender of the clothing.  Susan Kaiser uses the terms ‘marked’ and ‘unmarked’ in the context of gender and fashion, unmarked being male fashion for its slow process in change. The ways women’s fashion can be marked gives labels to a hegemonic female character. In the Fendi collection, the women are not in unmarked menswear clothing, but rather is a statement of women in menswear looking clothing. Kaiser states “the protracted process of unmarking masculinity involved making style-fashion-dress more nuanced and less noticeable, still caring but not letting it show blatantly”. This still drives the discussion on menswear being capable of being unmarked, but a womenswear in attempt to being unmarked is still a statement on being marked.

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